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Best Poppyseed Dressing out there

Poppyseed used to be my favorite dressing but I stopped buying it years ago due to the rancid and health harming ingredients. This version not only includes healing ingredients but has all the taste and comfort of what a poppyseed dressing should be. Perfect on any salad or bowl!

Tanya, that's want we thought too when we realized the only thing 'real' about the poppy seed dressings out their were the poppy seeds themselves! We're so glad you like ours the best.

Garlic Aioli Dip
Kristan P.
Garlic Heaven

Oh man, since going vegan I never get to have the garlic sauces at any restaurants or with my pizza. THIS is a game changer!!! I should’ve just bought 8 of these! Next time imma stock up!

We love to hear it Kristan. Garlic lovers rejoice- we've got a few other garlicky wonders, like Roasted Garlic Caesar, to round out Garlic Heaven.

Garlic Aioli Dip
Brittany B.
Recommend for Garlic lovers

This is a very garlicky dip & spread

Cheers to all the garlic lovers out there...and there are a lot of them! Thanks for the shout out Brittany. Our Roasted Garlic Caesar Dressing and Roasted Garlic Dip may be your jam!

So good

I love this dressing. It’s so delicious!

We love that you find it so delicious Pam! Thank you for taking the time.

Chili chipotle

Very nice

Thank you so much Emilie.

Garlic Aioli Dip
Emilie G.

We loved all the products and I sent in a 2nd order. Customer service was amazing when I made a mistake on my order and they were really easy to contact.I did put a recommendation post on facebook

Thank you so much for the shout out for our products and our Customer Service. The team at Mother Raw really prides itself on doing our very, very best to please our customers.

so good

just bought this and i’m already out! so good and not heavy like other salad dressings. can’t wait to try more!

Thanks Sarah! That is such a good way to put it, 'not as heavy' as other salad dressings. Why should your salad dressing weigh you down? You are so right!

Lemon Tahini
Tanya C.
Such A Beautiful Dressing

Love everything about this dressing from the wholesome healing ingredients, to the taste to that vibrant color!

You bring sunshine to our day Tanya!

Not what I expected

I was kind of disappointed in this dressing. It was easy to get out of the bottle; however the taste was kind of non-existent. I have had a lot of better tasting dressings and for the price, I would say skip this one.

We're sorry to hear this one didn't dazzle your taste buds Lauren. Thanks for taking the time to reach out.


Great balance of flavours…and healthy!

Thanks so much Patty. A little bit of natural sweetness from the dates, and a little bit of tartness from the aged balsamic is what makes this lovely recipe come together.

Okay, are these reviews fake? Just bought and tried the spinach dip and I was disappointed! How can anyone say it tastes delicious?? What a waste of $$$

Absolutely not fake Nikki. We respect all reviews we receive, good and not as good.

Spinach Dip
Jamie P.

Spinach Dip


Raw and fresh

Organic Everything Bagel Dip


I'm sad that I haven't tried this sooner! My new favourite and now a staple in my fridge!

It's okay Jo. We hear this a lot from people who are just giving our Japanese Dressing a try now.

P.S Try it over soba noodles or rice as a quick flavour-filled hack!

Best salad dressing ever!

I rarely like store bought salad dressings, but this one is the exception. Excellent flavour, great ingredients, lower calories, and not too ‘heavy’ on the salad. I only wish this specific flavour was available at more stores near me.

Woot Woot. Thanks for the huge compliment. We love that you noticed that our dressings are made with great ingredients, like the ones you have at home vs from a science lab!

We are building our distribution, so please take a look at our store locator once and awhile.

Spicy Queso
valerie s.
Spicy Queso

This is absolutely delicious. I was so surprised at how really good it was and a nice level of spice.

That is music to our ears Valerie. THANK YOU for taking the time to share your love for our 'some like it hot' Spicy Queso!

Creamy Tahini
Nubian E.

This dressing is amazing. It is now my number one!!

Thank you! We have some amazing recipes that go along with it if you want to search 'tahini' in our recipes tab.

Maple Fig

This one is my second favourite!

Nubian, you know with Mother Raw we're all good with you having two first favourite's!!

Maple Fig

I tried the maple fig dressing and marinade
Pretty delicious in a salad and a marinated some chicken thighs love the flavour not too sweet just right

Ann P.
I put it on everything.

The only ketchup my family and I use!
Why use a product with artificial GMOs + high fructose corn syrup when there is a better option. All the little choices add up!


Picked this up at the grocery store. Looked promising. Big mistake. Ruined my salad. SO tried it - we have very different tastes. Ruined their salad as well. Best to avoid.

Yikes. Sad to hear this. Our Ranch is not for everyone... we don't add weird stuff to make it white and never any dairy or eggs (or anything but plants) so it's not like the big players on the market. We appreciate the feedback though.

Great Flavor

I love it for what is in it, but even more for what is not in it. Reading labels is often more about avoiding unwanted ingredients. My first product but will definitely try more!

Nacho Queso
Erika D.
Absolutely delicious.

While I prefer the spicy queso this one is still just as good. I use it for nachos, burritos, or just dipping veggies or chips into. Absolutely recommend.


Love this as a marinade for my tofu.