Cut the Crap.

At Mother Raw, our love of plants runs deep. We like to say we're plant-powered and inspired by all the possibilities that can grow from a single seed. Our life's work is to make plants crave-able because everyone benefits from digging into their awesomeness! That's why we select the best of Mother Earth's incredible bounty including organic, non-GMO plant-based ingredients, and create ridiculously delicious and versatile products and recipes. All of the flavour and goodness, with none of the crap. Put Good on Good.

A bag of delicious groceries with Mother Raw dressing in front

Our guiding principles

  • Keeping it real

    We tell it like it is. Facts, not fluffs. From our ingredients and processes, to the way we treat each other and others, we keep it real and raw.

  • Fueled by Integrity

    We do it right, right from the start. With obsessive detail, we don't cut corners so you know what you're getting is our best. And if we make a mistake, we make it right.

  • Honouring Independence

    We don’t conform to fads, trends or peer pressure. We stay true to our roots and don't think it's our place to tell others what to do. You do you and we'll do us.

  • Playfulness

    We explore, experiment, create, laugh and play like no one is watching! Life is meant to be lived fully. So get every last bite out of it.

Each ingredient is meticulously chosen, what we put in is as important as what we leave out.

Our ingredients

Our RAWsome team makes it all possible

At Mother Raw, we’re doing what we love and are open to all the possibilities that can grow from a single seed.

Meet the team

  • Kristi Knowles, CEO Kristi Knowles, CEO

    Kristi Knowles


    Lover of animals and outdoor adventure, Kristi leads the team with equal parts heart and grit.

  • Ian Fraser, VP Operations Ian Fraser, VP Operations

    Ian Fraser

    VP Operations

    An avid camper and parrot owner, Ian obsesses over every detail of our operations to ensure things are done right the first time.

  • Paula Danter, Product Developer Paula Danter, Product Developer

    Paula Danter

    Product Developer

    Love the taste of our dressings, dips or condiments - you have Paula's creative genius to thank for it.

  • Brent Lunn, VP Sales Brent Lunn, VP Sales

    Brent Lunn

    VP Sales

    When he's not on the field coaching his daughter's soccer team, Brent is tirelessly getting Mother Raw on shelves across North America.

  • James Conrad, Sales Director James Conrad, Sales Director

    James Conrad

    Sales Director

    James infectious smile and readiness to help others, makes him one heck of a special member of the Mother Raw team!

Staying true to our roots

Found Michelle Kopman Image

Our Roots

Michelle Kopman

Mother Raw's roots grew from a single seed planted by Michelle Kopman in 2010 out of frustration with salad dressings on the market. Her burning question was, 'Why can't salad dressing be as healthy as my salad?'. Michelle created her line of dressings from unprocessed whole foods, respecting the best of Mother Earth. She was a trailblazer of organic, plant-based and unadulterated natural foods, and was uncompromising on ingredients. She recognized the beauty and power of plants and believed that what we put on our plants, could be as healthy as the plants themselves. Mother Raw stays true to these roots.

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