Tips for a Zero Food Waste Fall

The leaves are changing and the air is getting crisp, which can only mean one thing: fall is here. We love watching Mother Earth upcycle summer’s foliage into organic matter that feeds the soil and plants. We’re inspired by the way everything in nature has a use, so we wanted to share some clever ways for you to use every part of your favourite fall veggies. As you gear up for sweater weather, here are some of our favourite ways to upcycle your fall produce with zero-waste fall food tips. 



Of course we have to start with the classic fall darling: pumpkin. When you carve your jack-o-lanterns this year, hang onto the insides (and show us your carving masterpieces at @motherraw). You can use pumpkin flesh in baking or to make a delicious vegan pumpkin oatmeal like this oneIf you are using a smaller pumpkin for the flesh, you can use the outer shell as an adorable holder for one of our delicious dips. Just cut the opening of the pumpkin to fit a small bowl, spoon your favourite Mother Raw Dip into the bowl and place it inside the pumpkin. And voila!  You have both a tasty appetizer and a stunning piece of decor to add to your fall spread.


When it comes to roasting pumpkin seeds, you may have tried them before, but you probably haven’t tried them like this: tossed in delicious Mother Raw Dressing. Give your pumpkin seeds a flavour boost and try them three ways! Toss them in our JapaneseSmoky Chipotle, and Roasted Garlic Caesar dressings before roasting and have your family or friends vote on their favourite.  



Who doesn’t love apple picking in the fall? We know we do… but sometimes we end up with a bigger haul than we know what to do with. Maybe you’ve got some extra apples once you’ve finished baking pies and crumbles to your heart’s content, or maybe you’re searching for a use for the skins after peeling your apples. Either way, you’ve got a perfect opportunity to bake your own yummy plant-based snack that will also make your home smell like a warm autumn dreamscape. Try these oven-baked apple chips and toss them in a drizzle of our Maple Fig dressing before baking for an extra sweet treat.  


Not sure what to do with your leftover apple cores? You can use them to make your own apple cider vinegar, juices and smoothies, or an autumn-scented room spray. 



Let your carrots reach their full potential by juicing them for smoothies or soups. Then, instead of getting rid of the leftover pulp, use it to make these homemade carrot juice pulp crackers! Pair them with your favourite Mother Raw dip for the best no-waste vegan snack you didn’t know you needed. You can also use leftover carrot peels in homemade stocks or broths and as for the carrot tops, try sautéing them or using them to make carrot top pesto! You’ll never let a part of your carrots go to waste again.  


Food Scraps 

There are lots of ways to use the veggie scraps you might normally toss aside. Did you know you can use broccoli stems to make broccoli fries? Dip those babies in a Mother Raw Dip and they just might become your new fave snack. You can use scraps or peels from pretty much any veggie to make homemade broths or try one of these 10 other ways to upcycle those scraps. We love to follow zero-waste pros like Max La MannaAnne-Marie Bonneau, and Kathryn Kellogg for their creative and delicious tips to minimize food waste. 

There are also some great food companies you can support that are fighting food waste every day through upcycling. Outcast Foods turns rejected produce and turns it into nutritional supplements and powders. Forager Project makes vegan chips out of juice pulp, which eliminates food waste from its juice production. Pulp Pantry also makes delicious upcycled plant-based chips, working with large manufacturers to turn overlooked resources like fresh-pressed veggies into nutritious snacks. Luckily, pulp chips go great with Mother Raw Dips 😉.  


Glass Bottles 

We know this one isn’t a veggie, so consider it a bonus tip. When you’re done with your Mother Raw dressing bottles, you can remove the labels and use them for upcycled fall decor! Put some string lights inside the bottles and put them outside with your jack-o-lanterns, in your window sills, or as part of your table decor. There are lots of other ways to use your Mother Raw bottles too - check out this blog post with some of our top tips. 

Are you ready for your most sustainable fall ever? Show us your upcycling or zero-waste tips on Instagram, and don’t forget to compost anything leftover from your veggies! 

Written by: Victoria Ehgoetz 

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