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Bring out your umami side with our sweet and tangy Japanese dressing. Made with toasted sesame oil, ginger root and unfiltered apple cider vinegar, this smooth and decadent dressing is organic and always will be. Go ahead. Put Good on Good™ and feel great about it.

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Filtered Water, *Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, *Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar, *Sesame Seeds, *Coconut Sugar, *Toasted Sesame Oil, *Lemon Juice, Grey Sea Salt, *Minced Garlic, *Ginger Root, *Black Pepper
Contains Sesame

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Customer Reviews

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Sarah G.
so good

just bought this and i’m already out! so good and not heavy like other salad dressings. can’t wait to try more!

Thanks Sarah! That is such a good way to put it, 'not as heavy' as other salad dressings. Why should your salad dressing weigh you down? You are so right!


I'm sad that I haven't tried this sooner! My new favourite and now a staple in my fridge!

It's okay Jo. We hear this a lot from people who are just giving our Japanese Dressing a try now.

P.S Try it over soba noodles or rice as a quick flavour-filled hack!

Best salad dressing ever!

I rarely like store bought salad dressings, but this one is the exception. Excellent flavour, great ingredients, lower calories, and not too ‘heavy’ on the salad. I only wish this specific flavour was available at more stores near me.

Woot Woot. Thanks for the huge compliment. We love that you noticed that our dressings are made with great ingredients, like the ones you have at home vs from a science lab!

We are building our distribution, so please take a look at our store locator once and awhile.

Carol S.
Best ever

Love this Japanese salad dressing. Very healthy ingredients. Made the best ever asian chicken salad

Vina P.
Mother Raw Japanese

Japanese Mother Raw dressing is my favourite of all. Love its smooth sweetish flavour and great taste.I just LOVE the Mother Raw salad dressings, as all the ingredients are perfect for healthy living. I always look at the list of ingredients in most products I buy, and I find that with Mother Raw salad dressings AND other products, the ingredients are excellent, and they always use olive oil, instead of canola oil, like in other brands. The taste is very good too and my favourite is the Japanese one. Thank you Mother Raw!!