Give Your Mother Raw Bottles a New Life!

We're all about keeping Mother Earth beautiful. That's why we're big fans of recycling everyday product packaging - including the sustainable glass bottles that our products are packaged in! 

Instead of tossing your Mother Raw bottles after you’ve quickly reached the bottom, we have some ideas on how you can reuse them! Not only is reusing and repurposing bottles an environmentally friendly and sustainable option, but its a way to have some fun! 

Make sure to remove the label, then clean your bottles thoroughly with dish soap or put them through a cycle in the dishwasher. Tip for removing the label: Start by peeling back the label and run your bottle under warm water to loosen up the label and reduce stickiness.  

 1. Create a vase for flowers 

Time to get crafty. Reuse your empty Mother Raw bottle as a vase for your store bought or garden grown flowers! These sleek bottles are perfect for a window sill.


2. Store pantry ingredients and buy bulk! 

Ditch bulky packaging and store your pantry ingredients in Mother Raw bottles. This allows for a clean aesthetic and saves tons of shelf space! You can also use your empty bottles as containers for buying bulk. Buy your olive oil (or other ingredients) in bulk and use your MR bottle for easy access and pourability! Not only is buying bulk environmentally friendly, but a study from the University of Portland found that consumers could save up to 89% when purchasing bulk foods versus packaged foods (1).  

3. As a smoothie or juice container 

We know reusable glass and stainless steel bottles can be expensive, and you can never have too many on hand! Use your Mother Raw bottle as a smoothie or juice container that you can take on the go. Our lids fit tightly, so no need to worry about spilling in your bag! 

Make your own creations at home 

Some people like to make their own dressings at home, and we totally support that! When you’ve finished your Mother Raw dressing, you can use our bottle to store your own creation. You can also use our bottles to store fresh lemon juice or homemade nut milk! 


We would love to see how you reuse your Mother Raw bottles! If you do share, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram: @motherraw 


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Author: Laurel Cass

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