Tussle of the Tahini Dressings

In celebration of one year since Mother Raw sprouted onto the plant-based scene, we’re asking our loyal fans to be the ones to select our next flavor of dressing! Who better to decide our fate?  In a true duel of the dressings, two tahini flavors will go head to head – will it be savoury but sweet Maple Tahini or sassy and zesty Lemon Turmeric Tahini? The winner will become Mother Raw’s 10thdressing flavor, and Mother Raw’s 20thproduct!


We leave the choice in your capable hands. Voting is open from Nov 6 until Nov 20 at 3pm EST. Click here to vote for your fave!


Why Tahini?

Tahini sure has been winning over the tastes of consumers since gaining incredible popularity across the globe.  North Americais projected to be the fastest growing retail market for the tahini in the world, with a rise in demand for more Mediterranean and Arabic flavors by consumers*.

Tahini offers a nutty taste profile without the nuts and has a creamy texture that adds crave-able smoothness to dressings and dips. A versatile sauce, baking ingredient, dip, spread and dressing, Tahini is enjoyed by consumers who celebrate its numerous health benefits! Sesame seeds, the main ingredient in tahini, are nutritional powerhouses that boast lots of good-for-you vitamins. For example, tahini has plenty of B vitamins that support heart health, Thrive Market noted. The spread also delivers a boost of calcium, vitamin E and zinc. Not bad for a tiny seed!

In true Mother Raw style, we’ve developed two tahini dressingflavours sure to get your taste buds singing:


Lemon Turmeric Tahini

For those who like it bold! This dressing is bright and tangy with a touch of creamy tahini. Add an energizing hit of citrus zing to all your meals.  


Maple Tahini

Sweet, yet savory. The best of both worlds! Made with a base of garlicy tahini goodness and topped off with a touch of Organic Maple Syrup. 


How to Vote

From November 6-20, 2019 cast your vote for Mother Raw’s next dressing flavor at motherraw.com/vote.


The Grand Prize

Each vote will be entered to win a private dinner for them and five friends with a private chef, using Mother Raw products in the meal. 


Good luck!



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