Caesar Pasta Salad with Chickapea

We love cold pasta salad in the summer months – or any month, really! We use Chickapea pasta because it’s made with 100% organic chickpeas and one box contains 27 grams of protein. That’s a lot of plant protein! Chickapea pasta is also gluten free, vegan, and full of fibre. So go ahead, Put Good on Good! 

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  • 1 box of Chickapea pasta of your choice – we love fusilli!  
  • 1-2 carrots 
  • 1-2 stalks of celery 
  • ½ of a cucumber
  • ¼ cup of diced white onion 
  • Fresh dill  
  • Mother Raw Caesar dressing 


Bring water to a boil.  Add entire box of Chickapea pasta to salted boiling water and cook for 6-10 minutes. While your pasta is cooking, dice your veggies and set aside in a large bowl. Once your pasta is cooked, strain and run your noodles under cold water until cold. Add your pasta into the large bowl with veggies and mix. Lastly, pour as much Caesar dressing as your heart desires! Simple and delicious.  

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