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Have you ever bought all the ingredients for your perfect salad only to get home from the store and realize you forgot the dressing? We feel your pain, and we don’t want you to have to go through that again. We’re here to help make your salad dreams come true. 

At Mother Raw, we believe our dressings belong near their veggie friendsThat’s why you’ll always find us in the fresh aisle or refrigerated section of your grocery store. We’re usually neighbored by the produce section, which is perfect because we feel most at home when surrounded by plants. If you are wondering what stores you can find us in, you can visit the store locator section of our site for a detailed map of which retailers you can find us at. 

Our dressings live in the cold section for optimal freshness and are cold-blended to lock in the nutrients, so it’s only natural that they are stored in the refrigerator. They last about 6 months unopened in the fridge or 30 days after opening.  

You might be used to venturing down the central aisle for your salad dressings, but we’ll save you a trip! Head to the fresh section to grab your veggies and pick up a bottle of Mother Raw dressing while you’re there - could we make it any easier? We believe that your salad dressing should be just as healthy as your salad, so go ahead and put good on good! Your veggies will thank you.  

All of our products are certified organic, plant-based, and free of all things artificial. They’re also packaged in glass bottles so when you’re finished enjoying them, you can recycle or reuse them! It’s just one more thing we do to show our love for Mother Earth and her RAWesome creations.  

Get ready to make your dream salad even dreamier. See you in the fresh aisle! 

Stay RAWesome! 


Written By: Victoria Ehgoetz 

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