Plant-Based And Proud

At Mother Raw, we are proudly plant-obsessed! We’re crazy about Mother Earth's bounty and we’re on a mission to encourage more people to eat more plants. Our true love for plants is why all of our products are plant-based and we love to inspire you with recipes and tips to support your plant-based journey. But what exactly does plant-based mean? 

What does “plant-based” mean? 

Plant-based eating is defined as having a focus on foods primarily from plants. This includes not only fruits and vegetables, but also nuts, seeds, oils, whole grains, legumes, and beans (Harvard Health Blog). We realize, however, that plant-based can mean different things to different people, from mostly plant-based to full-fledged vegan. To anyone who’s actively trying to eat more plants, we’re sending a virtual round of applause to you 👏👏👏 . 

Here at Mother Raw, we think of plant-based as incorporating as many plants in your diet as you can in their whole or natural form, and we wanted to share a little more about why that’s important to us. 

Why it matters to us 

Plant forward diets support a healthy lifestyle that can reduce the risk of a variety of health issues and eating more plants is kinder to animals and the environment. Research shows that the more people that adopt plant-based diets can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts (CNN). We love Mother Earth and all that she gives us, so we make all of our products with that in mind. We also use eco-conscious packaging that supports optimal freshness, so you can enjoy our products at their best and then recycle or reuse the bottles when you’re done. 

How we approach it 

Our practice is centred on enjoying the goodness of plants, and that’s why we create our products with all the goodness that Mother Earth provides without messing with them -  nothing artificial ever lands on our ingredients list.  We love to Put Good on Good™, and that's why we wouldn't dare mess with the goodness of Mother Earth's bounty. Everything we make is always full of nutrients and free of preservatives, fillers, and artificial ingredients, because we love to do things exactly as Mother Earth intended. 

Plants are good for yougood for animals, and good for the environment, so go ahead and dig in to the RAWesome power of plants! We hope you’ll give our products a try, and maybe, just maybe you’ll come to love plants as much as we do. 


Written By: Victoria Ehgoetz 

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