Slather on the Mother Raw BBQ Sauce

We’ll admit we’re suckers for a good BBQ sauce. We don’t wait until BBQ season to enjoy foods slathered in tangy goodness – we recommend using it all year round! We created our BBQ sauce with the thought that BBQ sauce should be able to be freely enjoyed without refined sugars or anything artificial (peace out high-fructose corn syrup!)  

Mother Raw Original and Sweet Heat BBQ Sauces are packed with sweet, savory and spicy flavors - so there’s something for everyone! See what makes ours different and check out these tips for some recipe inspo! 


Ingredients you can feel good about 

We spice up our organic condiments with delicious plant-based ingredients and cold-blend them for that authentic Mother Raw taste and feel. Using bold flavours of smoked paprika and chipotle (just to name a few), we lock in those classic BBQ ingredients without refined sugars or anything artificial! Shelf-stable condiments have a rep of being loaded with processed ingredients – and we’re not about that! Our products are always refrigerated to lock in the utmost freshness and flavour. 

What’s our secret? They’re made with dates! Without going overboard, dates provide a rich sweetness that keeps our condiments free from anything artificial, and that includes those sneaky refined sugars. This all-star ingredient provides a depth of flavor with only 1/3 of the sugar of a leading brand – plus you get all the vitamins, minerals and fibre that comes with them! Check out all the great things about dates in our blog post here. 


Feelin’ saucy? We’ve got a flavour for you. 

Our Original BBQ Sauce is the perfect combo of smoky and savory. Made with smoked peppercorns and just a hint of chipotle, it’s the perfect spice level to please everyone! 

If you’re feeling daring, Mother Raw Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce packs some serious heat. We combine organic maple syrup and three types of peppers for a balance of flavours that keeps on building.  


Make it your way 

Dunk, drizzle or slather these organic sauces all over your favorite BBQ eats with these tips and tricks.  


Drizzle and dunk 

We love a good dipping sauce! Dunk your pizza crust into your favourite BBQ flavour or drizzle it right on top to compliment all those tasty toppings. Or, spice up your dinners with a cauliflower steak. Marinate your cauliflower then drizzle a generous amount of sauce on top before serving. We recommend Sweet Heat if you’re feeling bold!  


The perfect sandwich pairing 

Spice up veggie burgerswraps and sandwiches by adding a spoonful of smoky BBQ sauce – or more, we don’t judge! Spread it on chickpea wraps and grilled sandwiches to add deep flavour and all the smokiness you can handle.  


Cook it up 

Don’t be afraid to get a little messy. Stir up lentil Sloppy Joes and give them a kick with our Sweet Heat BBQ sauce. Or, marinate your favourite veggies then pop them on the grill – our top choices are onion, bell pepper and zucchini!  



Let us know how you like to use these organic BBQ Sauces and share your pics with us @motherraw!  

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