Plant-Based Guide to Prince Edward County

At Mother Raw, we love to get out and explore. Recently, Sarah, our head of marketing set out with her husband for the weekend to explore Prince Edward County or 'The County'. It's a picturesque area about 2 hours east of Toronto, Ontario nestled along the shores of Lake Ontario. It's comprised of a few small towns with a lot to offer, including many wineries, great restaurants and beautiful beaches.

To top it off - PEC is a plant-based paradise! We were so grateful for the plentiful options at our disposal, from vegan wineries, to the lively farmer's market. Here are our top picks for where to explore in Prince Edward County! 


GOOD Place - Wellington, ON

153 Wellington Main St | Website

Our go-to breakfast spot for the weekend we were there, this adorable spot with friendly owners has been open for about a year and offers breakfast and lunch. With lots of vegan options available, it was hard to choose what to eat! We opted for the 'Just' egg sandwich which perfectly fuelled us for a day of exploring. 

 Prince Edward County Vegan

The Vic - Picton, ON

166 Picton Main St | Website

The Vic is billed as a 'modern diner' with food for all diets and lifestyles. Whatever your mood, you can find something here. We were craving fresh veggies, so the 'Reigning Roots' bowl was calling our name! It was filled to the brim with delicious veggies, chickpeas and tempeh, and topped with a lemon tahini. Filling and yummy!


Karlo Estates - Wellington, ON

561 Danforth Rd | Website 

Their claim to fame - they're the only certified vegan winery in North America! We were equally impressed by the wine and the fantastic variety of plant-based nibbles to snack on. The selection of home made nut cheeses was the perfect pairing with their delicious vegan wine! A picturesque location was the icing on the cake.


Nut Cheese Platter


Midtown Brewery - Wellington, ON

266 Wellington Main StreetWebsite

Come for the beer... stay for the pizza! Their wood oven fired pizza would suit a variety of tastes and lifestyles - plant-based. The Marinara pizza was a flavour explosion with fresh grated garlic, delicious tomato sauce and topped with basil. 


Marinara Pizza


Wellington Farmer's Market - Saturdays

245 Wellington Main St | Website

If you're lucky enough to visit the County on a weekend in the summer, the Wellington Farmer's market is the place to be! It's lively, and the locals flock there (so you know it's good!) Shout out to the 'Pig Out' vendor who was artfully turning typically animal-based products on their heads - including vegan 'fois gras' and rice paper bacon. If you're heading out to Sandbanks Provincial Park for the day, make sure to stop by one of the many veggie vendors to stock up on picnic supplies.


La Condesa - Wellington, ON

298 Wellington Main St | Website 

If you're looking for a cool dinner spot that would suit all types of eaters - this is your place. Not only does it have a great vibe, the plant based options are a plenty. Many were either already vegan or could be made vegan, such as the enchaladas, tacos and guacamole.

Vegan Enchiladas


The Parlour Studio - Wellington, ON

303 Wellington Main St | Website 

We love plants of all shapes and sizes, and that includes house plants! The Parlour is a plant lover's paradise. We appreciated the knowledgable staff and the vast variety of plants to choose from! 



Author: Sarah Georges

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