Mother Raw Staff Picks

When we say we are plant obsessed, we mean it. Here at Mother Raw our team is full of plant-lovers and flavour cravers. So, we thought it’s about time we share our staff picks, tips and tricks! Read on to uncover our some of our team’s favourite products and how they use them!

Cassie Iwanow- Brand Manager

Favourite Product: French Onion Dip 

“This is so much more than a dip! I use it to amp up my traditional avocado toast. Slather some on your toast before you top with avocado for a flavour packed breakfast or snack! Another trick is to toss your roasted brussels sprouts in a giant dollop of French Onion Dip. You won’t be sorry!”

James Cameron- National Sales Director, Canada

Favourite Product: Balsamic Vinaigrette & Marinade

“I use it as dressings were first meant to be used, on top of any wonderful salad combination of your choice! Personally, I like mixed greens, red peppers, green onions, slivers of carrots, apple, a little avocado, cranberries, sesame seeds and cherry tomatoes!”

Brent Lunn- Vice President, Sales

Favourite Product: Mediterranean Dressing & Marinade

“I use it as a marinade for veggies. Simply marinate red and yellow peppers, onions, broccoli in the Mediterranean Dressing for 1-2 hours, cook and then serve on a bed of rice.”

Nav Sidhu- Marketing Lead

Favourite Product: Japanese Dressing & Marinade

“This dressing and marinade can do it all! I use it to liven up stir-fry by drizzling it on before serving, as a dressing on my apple and pumpkin seed salad and to marinade tofu for a few hours before cooking.”

Kristi Knowles- CEO

Favourite Product: Italian Dressing & Marinade

“Our take on traditional Italian Dressing is next level!  Our secret sauce is sundried tomatoes and red bell peppers which is what gives it the beautiful orange hue. Love to roast my baby potatoes in it and I always add an extra slather at the end for good measure”

Paula Danter- Product Developer  

Favourite Product: Maple Fig Dressing  

“I typically make a mixed green salad using spring mix, some type of fruit (usually dried cranberries, mandarin oranges or strawberries), with a seed or nut (such as sesame or pecan). I have also used to marinade portobello mushrooms, which I then grill on the BBQ.” 

Tracy On - Content Creator

Favourite Product: Greek Dressing & Marinade

“The Greek dressing was the first Mother Raw product I ever purchased, and I fell in love with it instantly. It is so versatile! I use it in pasta salads with chickpeas, kale and sun-dried tomatoes, but also love adding it to wraps and salad.”


At Mother Raw, we appreciate the nutritional goodness in plants and that’s why our motto is to “Put Good on Good”. We love taking our meals up a notch by adding even more plant-based goodness to our meals through our products and we are always excited to share our tips and tricks! Have a favourite product of your own? Share it with us along with your tips and tricks! We can’t wait to see how you use Mother Raw products.

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