Mother Raw Roots for Plant based Eating

With plant-based eating gaining a greater share of North American hearts, minds and mouths, Mother Raw, makers of delicious dressings, dips, condiments and quesos, is set for full bloom at retail and online across North America.

Mother Raw is gaining strong market presence at an ideal time, supported by new data released in July, 2019 by the Plant Based Foods Association and The Good Food Institute that showed U.S. retail sales of plant-based foods have grown 11 per cent in the past year, bringing total plant-based sales to $4.5 billion.

Organic and plant-powered, the current roster of 19 Mother Raw varieties are made with nature's best ingredients by real people in Mother Raw's own facility based in Toronto, Canada.

Mother Raw products are organic, vegan, free of common allergens, suitable for many dietary lifestyles and contain no artificial ingredients, preservatives or refined sugar. The vision of Mother Raw is rooted in the company's belief that what goes on plants and veggies should be as healthy as plants and veggies. Mother Raw aims to honor Mother Earth by making delicious, nutritious and versatile products that do her bounty justice. Product details:

"Our Mother Raw products appeal to ingredient-conscious food lovers who are seeking out convenient ways to add flavour and variety to their plant-based meals and snacks, but are avoiding ingredients like refined sugars and oils, gluten and other allergens. Fans of Mother Raw are informed label readers and they expect ingredients that are familiar, good for them and carefully sourced. Our consumers are increasingly turning to homemade recipes as they are aware that most store-bought dressings, dips and condiments are highly processed," shared Kristi Knowles, CEO of Reunion Foods Inc., makers of Mother Raw. (Learn more about Kristi Knowles here).

"Mother Raw only uses cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil because that's what people use at home to make their own dressings. We then go the extra distance by sourcing superfood ingredients to create amazing flavor and variety. With the growing market for healthy plant-based options, choices like Caesar, Japanese and Maple Fig dressings and marinades, as well as French Onion Dip, Spicy Vegan Queso, Ketchup, and BBQ sauces sweetened naturally with dates, make plant-based eating exciting and easy. That's why our products have already developed a loyal following of fans who support our motto "Put Good on Good", " she added.

The company is guided by the principle that over-processing is over-rated, and all Mother Raw products are 'never heated, depleted or mistreatedTM'. They are always cold-blended and kept cold from Mother Raw's kitchen to the refrigerated produce section and responsibly packaged in fully recyclable glass bottles and lids. Mother Raw's line-up continues to grow as the brand develops new product offerings.

"At Mother Raw we are blown away by interest from customers and consumers across North America, both in our products as well as our mission to encourage everyone, everywhere to eat more plants," said Knowles.

Since the initial launch in January 2019, Mother Raw set an ambitious store count target and has already quadrupled its distribution, landing a targeted mix of niche and large retailers.  Several new retailers are poised to come on board shortly. Online sales growth has more than quadrupled quarter over quarter, and overall revenue growth in 2019 is expected to be well into triple digits.

To meet the demand for healthy eating on the go, the company also recently launched single-serve Mother Raw To-Go-Packs of its popular dressing varieties and further innovation efforts are in the works to appeal to evolving consumer tastes and demands with the growing interest in plant-based eating.

Mother Raw Available Across North America 
Mother Raw products are available in select grocery stores and natural food stores, including Metro, Whole Foods and Save-On Foods in Canada and HEB and Fresh Thyme in the US with distribution coming soon in Gelson's and Buehler's. Mother Raw has already established a strong distribution network serving all of  North America, including KeHE, UNFI, Horizon, ONFC and a number of produce-specific distributors.  All products can also be ordered online at, for cold shipment across Canada and the United States.

As interest in exploring plant-based eating continues to evolve and attract more consumers, the Mother Raw brand will be engaging with people at consumer events and industry trade shows, and through targeted sampling efforts, public relations and influencer outreach, and association partnerships. A strong social and digital marketing push is a lead part of their communication strategy, coupled with significant product sampling and word of mouth from the loyal Mother Raw tribe of friends and followers.

About Mother Raw
Launched in 2018 as Mother Raw, the brand has grown out of an entrepreneurial Canadian brand RawFoodz, which was originally established in 2011.  RawFoodz was acquired by Reunion Foods Inc. in 2016, with the goal to improve and increase production and bring the company's products to more food lovers across North America.  Reunion Foods Inc. was started by members of the former executive team of a successful North American food producer, Protenergy Natural Foods, who reunited to invest and build a company in the growing plant-based foods space.

SOURCE Mother Raw

For further information: Sites: or, Twitter: @motheraw, Instagram: motherraw; Jacki Nelson Shilletto,, 416 524 3502

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